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Basic Concepts in Forex


The leverage system raises the possibility that a small collateral will earn high returns. Profit or loss from the trades you have opened is directly reflected in your main balance.


The difference in price between the buy price and the selling price of a pair is called the spread. It is also known as scissors gap.


It is the cost of moving open transactions to the next day. When it is 00:00 at night, swap deduction is made to transfer your existing transaction to the next day.


The pip is the smallest unit price move a pair can move. It is reflected in the calculation as a profit rate or loss ratio for every point increase in prices.

Margin (collateral)

It is the minimum amount you want to deposit into your account to start trading in the markets.


It is used as a trading unit in Golden Global Brokers. Also known as volume, transaction volume.


Liquidity can be defined as the ease of converting a brokers or an instrument to cash.

Take Profit

This type of order, which can be converted to take profit, is placed at the level where you will close your position without further risk when the prices move towards profit and the transaction closes automatically when it sees this unit price. Thus, you realize your profit and add it to your capital.

Stop Loss

This type of order, called stop loss, is placed in order to stop the continuity of the risk when prices move towards loss, and when the transaction reaches this unit price, it is automatically closed. So you control your risk.

Technical analysis

In the daily bulletin, technical analysis is used to inform the brokers by following the support or resistance levels.

Buy Transaction Order

It is used for buying direction transactions. If it is predicted that the brokers will go up, it is the trading order used.

Sell ​​Order

Used for sales-oriented transactions. If it is predicted that the brokers will go down, it is the trading order used.


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